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Should I take the scheduled version or the self-paced one?

We have two versions of the online course:


  • A scheduled version, where content is drip-released to you once per week for 9 weeks and you get weekly email reminders to complete the course.


  • A completely self-paced version.


For most people, we recommend the scheduled version because:


Research into effective learning practices suggests that "spaced repetition" helps you learn and remember ideas better. Each session has recap questions on the previous session, which will help most if you space them out.


It gives you time to reflect on the ideas in between each session.


We have found that people are about twice as likely to complete the course if they receive email reminders once per week. If you do it completely self-paced, you might stop after a few sessions and forget to complete the course, which would mean that you miss out on all the guidance and structuring for actually applying the lessons to your own career.


However, the self-paced version might be better for you if:

- You have an urgent career decision coming up within a few weeks and want to power through the content to help inform your decision.


- You are really keen and excited for this course and don't want to be held back by the drip release schedule.